The stress of modern living affects us all and in various aspects of our lives. Continued stress adversely affects the mind and body, compromising your health and prematurely aging us internally and externally. The need to repair, restore and renew yourself back to a healthy balance becomes imperative to your overall health.


Our goal at New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions is to provide you with personalized care to restore, encouragement to uplift, and the means necessary to relax and renew your mind, body and spirit through massage, yoga, meditation, and other alternative healing methods. Our therapists, instructors, and affiliates are trained and certified in the most effective techniques to help you regain and maintain your sense of well being.  Your body's ability to heal comes from the inside out.  We provide techniques and encouragement to help you tap into that power.


Why Choose New Life? Benefits Of Wellness Our Personal Belief

At New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions you are more than just a spot on our schedule. You are an individual with an individual set of needs and desires.



Wellness goes beyond eating well and exercise. It is about your awareness of your bodies needs and an understanding of what it is telling you. It also encompasses or thoughts and actions!

Empowerment, Responsibility and Integrity are the core of not only the way we run our business, but of each of our staff members. You can always be assured the same level of service.



Benefits Of Wellness

“It’s the soil, not the seed”


During a visit with my holistic podiatrist, he said something that really caught my attention.  He noted that Louis Pasteur (a French chemist and microbiologist) dedicated his whole life to the germs that cause disease and how to defeat them.  But shortly before his death he realized, "It’s the soil, not the seed."   This realization lead him to understand that the seed (disease) could only thrive and grow if the soil (body) provided the right environment.  In my quest to always move forward in life, I find this a profound concept.


How many times do we give way to negative thought  and find ourselves wondering why all of sudden we have a headache or our neck and back ache?  I am not saying that all pain comes from negative thought.  However, I am saying that thought is powerful.  If we, by habit, provide fertile ground for those thoughts to spring up, we just might find ourselves not only emotionally responding but physically as well.


Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, discovered that our cells have a life span, a limited number of cell divisions before they die.  Ageing and disease is thought to occur as a result of this process.  Dr. Blackburn studied the effects of negative emotions on the life span of a cell and found that excessive negative thought is linked to the shortening of that life span.  She also found the possibility exists that the practice of mindful thought and other forms of meditation could actually counter act the effects of excessive negative thought.


In short, a habit of positive thinking and meditation can have a direct effect on our over health and well-being by providing an inhospitable environment for seeds of pain and disease to take root.  "It's the soil, not the seed"!


- Melissa Jarufe, LMT

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions,

 Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”


~Mahatma Gandhi

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