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At New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions you are more than just a spot on our schedule. You are an individual with an individual set of needs and desires.



Wellness goes beyond eating well and exercise. It is about your awareness of your bodies needs and an understanding of what it is telling you. It also encompasses or thoughts and actions!


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Empowerment, Responsibility and Integrity are the core of not only the way we run our business, but of each of our staff members. You can always be assured the same level of service.



The stress of modern living affects us all and in various aspects of our lives. Continued stress adversely affects the mind and body, compromising your health and prematurely aging us internally and externally. The need to repair, restore and renew yourself back to a healthy balance becomes imperative to your overall health.


Our goal at New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions is to provide you with personalized care to restore encouragement to uplift, and the means necessary to relax and renew your mind, body and spirit through massage, yoga and meditation. Our therapists and instructors are trained and certified in the most effective techniques to help you regain and maintain your sense of well being.  Your body's ability to heal comes from the inside out.  We provide techniques and encouragement to help you tap into that power.

Our Staff

Melissa Jarufe

LMT & Owner

Massage Therapist

Michelle Janicek


Massage Therapist

Melissa earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in the field of chemistry in 1986. She worked over 20 years in her chosen field as an analytical and paint formulation chemist before turning her troubleshooting talents to the field of massage therapy.


In 2007, Melissa graduated from Harmony Path School of Massage Therapy where she was trained in the traditional Swedish massage techniques. She is trained in Prenatal, Bamboo Fusion, and Oncology massage Techniques as well as Rieki. Currently she is studying and working toward her certification in Orthopedic massage.


Certified in Swedish and Orthopedic Massage Techniques.


Trained in: Prenatal Massage, Bamboo Fusion Massage and Oncology Massage.

Each of us at New Life Massage & Whole Living Solutions believe in the following core values.


•  Excellence - 'Good enough is never good enough

•  Empowerment - Your body's ability to heal comes from the inside out. We provide techniques and encouragement to help you tap into that power.


•  Responsibility - We take it as our responsibility to always be learning new and better ways of serving our clients' needs.


    •  Integrity - We honor our commitments and genuinely listen to our clients' needs.


"This is who we are...and what you can count on in every interaction with us."


~ Melissa

Michelle graduated from Harmony Path School of massage in 2011.  Her passion for animals and their positive response to the power of touch, led her to massage therapy. Michelle has a  sincere desire to help people from all walks of life feel better, look better and be better.


Certified in Swedish Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage techniques


Special interest in Repetitive Use Muscle Release Therapy


Massage Modalities: Relaxation, Therapeutic, Deep Tissue , Pregnancy Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage for Corporate Special Events and Health Fairs


To me, massage is simply a way of life. I believe in a client centered approach. A combination of my different massages can relax, renew and rejuvenate! Each visit will be as truly unique as you are!”



Amanda Brown

Licensed Nia Instructor

Stacy Yount


Certified Yoga Instructor

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics/Computer Science from Emory University in 1996.  She worked as a technology consultant for several years before moving to the USVI with her husband, where she volunteered and worked part-time at a local school, and started to teach fitness classes.  It was there that Amanda first experienced Nia in 2000.  It was “love at first sight!”


Amanda was a student athlete, enjoying gymnastics, dance, and various sports.  She has over eight years of teaching group fitness classes.  In 2011, Amanda attended her Nia White Belt training.  She has enjoyed sharing her joy of movement, to help students gain fitness and energy, relax, and enjoy a feeling of connection with the community.


Amanda enjoys “dancing through life,” including free dancing with her two children at home.  She also enjoys sharing her joy and love of movement – of all kinds – with people.  She believes in the healing power of movement for all age groups.  Find something you like, then try something new, and keep moving for the long journey through life!


When Amanda is not moving and dancing, you might find her creating and crafting, snuggling her two little dogs, and spending time with her family: husband, daughter and son.  Playing games and puzzles, cooking and playing outdoors top the list.


"Find something you like to do, then try something new, and keep moving for the long journey through life!"


Stacy Yount received her yoga instructor certification in 2014 through Energy University /Yoga Teacher Training Program at Krysia Energy Yoga in Westlake, Ohio.  She works as a Financial Professional and has received her Bachelor's in Business Administration in Finance from Cleveland State University in 2008.


Stacy has been doing yoga for 8 years and has studied Ashtanga, Basic Yoga, Hatha Flow, Power Flow, Meditation and Prenatal Yoga.  She enjoys painting, photography and cooking.



Yoga Styles:  Ashtanga, Yoga Basics, Hatha Flow, Power Flow, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga


“If meditation and sadhana do not bring about compassion and do not make you look at other human beings with sympathy, it has done nothing to you."


- Sri M .


Tanna Torkelson


Certified Yoga Instructor

Tanna completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Energy University through Krysia Energy in Westlake.  She brings a strong background in Ashtanga but enjoys teaching a variety of classes from basic, to powerful flow, and even Senior Citizen chair yoga.


"I found yoga when I was in my early teens with the help of my Sunday School teacher, mentor and family friend. She had noticed that I was interested in exercise and decided to skip part of the lesson and teach me triangle pose.  It was a freeing pose that opened my mind as much as it did my back which was often sore. At this time in my life, feeling good on the inside was something quite new to me.


My curiosity of yoga beat down the path to learning more and more about the physical practice.  Yoga introduced and emphasized the simple concept I still hold dear today: What is on the inside matters more than what is on the outside. This instilled an idea that I should 'be kind' to my body and mind, a practice not many teenagers are taught.  I am so thankful for her sharing yoga with me and the time she chose to do so in my life. It has stayed with  me and helped me through the physical and emotional trials in life."


“The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.”


-Greg Anderson, founder of the American Wellness Project


Benefits Of Wellness

“It’s the soil, not the seed”


During a visit with my holistic podiatrist, he said something that really caught my attention.  He noted that Louis Pasteur (a French chemist and microbiologist) dedicated his whole life to the germs that cause disease and how to defeat them.  But shortly before his death he realized, "It’s the soil, not the seed."   This realization lead him to understand that the seed (disease) could only thrive and grow if the soil (body) provided the right environment.  In my quest to always move forward in life, I find this a profound concept.


How many times do we give way to negative thought  and find ourselves wondering why all of sudden we have a headache or our neck and back ache?  I am not saying that all pain comes from negative thought.  However, I am saying that thought is powerful.  If we, by habit, provide fertile ground for those thoughts to spring up, we just might find ourselves not only emotionally responding but physically as well.


Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, discovered that our cells have a life span, a limited number of cell divisions before they die.  Ageing and disease is thought to occur as a result of this process.  Dr. Blackburn studied the effects of negative emotions on the life span of a cell and found that excessive negative thought is linked to the shortening of that life span.  She also found the possibility exists that the practice of mindful thought and other forms of meditation could actually counter act the effects of excessive negative thought.


In short, a habit of positive thinking and meditation can have a direct effect on our over health and well-being by providing an inhospitable environment for seeds of pain and disease to take root.  "It's the soil, not the seed"!


- Melissa Jarufe, LMT

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions,

 Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”


~Mahatma Gandhi

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